How to get traffic to a new blog?

03/31/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Blogging

How to get traffic to a new blog?


If you already create a new blog and want more traffic for the blog. You need to do Improve Your site/blog and Do proper SEO for your Sites/Blogs.


1.Keyword Research

Keyword Research is one of the important SEO tools for the get traffic to a new blog/site.

Actually, it helps to you What exactly blogger Reader or User want from your site.

Before you start writing your post, you should research the keyword and choose a good topic in which people are interested, only the keyword you choose will bring traffic to your blog,

While writing your post, you have to use those keywords correctly, when people search those Phrase on search engine then traffic will start coming to your blog.

Keep in mind while doing keyword research,

  1. Select related Keyword from your niche, this gets targeted traffic,
  2. Always select the phrases that have higher search volume and less competition,
  3. Use Long tail keyword
  4. Do not do keyword stuffing in posts,
  5. You can use Google Keyword planner and Ahref, Semrush, Or Best Free SEO tool, Semrush and Ubersuggest Tool  For keyword Search.

Use low competition and high search keywords and write a blog in this keyword.


2.Link Your Site/Blog On Search Engine

Search Console

Nowadays New websites and blogs are creating a huge amount. So Search Search Engine Can Take Some Months to index your site. And for the easy find for your site on the search engine. You need to submit your site.

To submitting your site you can use google search console, bing webmaster, and Yandex webmaster tool.


3.DO a Guest Post

Because of your Blogs/sites recently created. So organic traffic takes some weeks and months too. So you search your niche/topic-related site and write a blog for them and for you too.

If your blog is related to SEO You can also write for us. You can contact us.

They can provide you DO FOLLOW backlink and Much targeted traffic to your Blog.


4.Use Much More Blog Writer Sites

There are too many sites where you can write a blog and get traffic easily.

Get your one of the blog post from your site and post and give your post link for reading More. In this way, you can get a huge amount of traffic.

Some of the Blog writer site



Vocal Media




4.Use Social Sites with Targeted audience

More People using a huge amount of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

For example, your blog is health-related do search facebook like health fitness and share you

Blog. There is more chance to they visit. If you share on the targeted audience. If they found it helpful. they will visit in the future and they can share your blog.







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