How to create a blog free of cost?

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How to create a blog free of cost

Hmmm… SO, You are searching for how to start a blog free. Stay tune…

Let's Explore Together.

how to create a blog

Before we started. Let's discuss,

Is creating a Blog Free?

Yes. Blogging is easy and free to do, and anyone can do it from anywhere. But we can spend a lot of money on everything custom-like domain, design, server etc.

Don’t worry about money, and we’ll discuss Free and Paid methods, then we will discuss the two best blogging platform.

Do free blogs make money?

Yes. Free Blog also can make money from Adsense and Affiliate marketing etc. Blogger allows showing Adesene ads for you. And affiliate marketing is easy to set up on every blog. So, First, we need a good traffic source for earning.

Is blogging worth it in 2021?

Blogging isn’t dead. It is still a big thing if you do with your passion.

So blogging is worth it in 2021. But too much competition on Blogging because anyone can start free from anywhere. So we need to Keyword Research.

How to get success on blogging 2021?

We must have at least 1 option to get success on the blog.

  • Be Only One( Low competition topic)
  • Be No.1( Be the Best)

If our content is only one, we can be a success. And if our content No.1 (best), then our site will be a success. For More Information, You can read about SEO, Blog etc., here.

What is SEO? And How do you do it?




Note: Self-hosted blogging is far better than free blogging.


How to create a blog free of charge

  1. Keyword Research.
  2. Go to Blogger or WordPress.
  3. Choose your domain.
  4. Select your Free plan.
  5. Sign Up and create your account.
  6. Select the theme you like.
  7. Customize your Blog.
  8. Create your first post.



Keyword Research:

Before you create a blog, keyword research is significant.

Keywords are simply what type of blog you are creating. Like Tech, Health, travel etc.

And what is the competition on this topic? What keyword rank on google, bing

And how is the competition? Select the high search volume keyword with low competition. You can read more about Keyword Research.


Let's explore how we can create a free blog on


Go to

WordPress is a free blogging platform as you want. We can start a free blog.

And the WordPress platform is user-friendly and easy on the paid version as well as the free version. After open WordPress, Click on “start your website” as shown on the image.wordpress free


Choose Your Domain:

Fill up the domain name as you want. Keep in mind your domain name also has keywords. I already mentioned keyword research.

For example, I created a health-related blog, ‘’

It’s a free domain from WordPress. So Its subdomain looks like

As shown in the image, you can use the custom domain. It is also Free to for register one year. And its also recommend from the WordPress side. But you will be charged yearly $18/yearly.

wordpress free domain


Select Your Free Plan:

Suppose We choose the custom domain for one year free from the WordPress side. We must choose the paid plan. We had to choose the free domain from WordPress Side.

We Select Free plan as shown as an image.

Wordpress free plan


Sign Up and create your account:

And We need to sign up there as usual. Let's fill up our email, name etc.

We can use direct login with the google option.


Select the theme as you like:

Since we are creating a free blog, so we will choose the free theme.

Don’t worry, WordPress have thousand of free theme.

Select one of them From Appreance=>Themes=>Add New=>Install And Active It



Customize your Blog:

After theme installation in Appearance, there is Header, Footer, Menus, Background.

Create everything and: set it up to upload Site title, Favicon, logo etc.



Create Your First Post:

After everything setups starts a post Post=>Add New

Start to writing post and become a blogger…

Then publish your site hurray your blog has been created...

wordpress new post


How can you create a free blog on


Go to

Blogger is a blogging platform provided. It's effortless and clean and fast to create.

Login from your Gmail id on blogger.


Choose Your Domain:

First, Create a Site title and Choose a domain like

Subdomain from Blogspot, so its a subdomain. In future, If you want to create a custom domain, you can do it later.


Choose a theme:

There are too many themes on blogger provide the free theme.

And you can also upload your custom theme.

blogger free blog

Customize Blog:

Go to Layout and set up Header, Footer, Menus, Background.

And meta description, logo, favicon and design it as you like.


Create Your First Post:

After customized your Blog

Go to the New post and start writing the post and publish it.


Final Word:

wordpress vs Blogger

If you want to create a blog free of cost or if you are a student or if you don’t want to invest money. and starting slowly as a part-time. Go with blogger. This is the best platform for you. The best part of blogger is secure by google, and it allows Adsense and Affiliate marketing also. And it's total free until you choose the custom domain. In future, if you want to sift WordPress, you can do it easily.


If you want to create a professional blog with some better investment for a better result, you should go to WordPress. Many things are chargeable, like domain, hosting, theme, plugin. WordPress is open source so that you can access full access with that. It's also called a self-hosted blog.

We created a blog we need traffic.

Please read about it. Get a lot of traffic to your blog

how can you get traffic on the new blog?



Have a Nice Day.






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