What is SEO, and How do you do it?

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What is SEO, and How do you do it?

what is SEO

Simply SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Whenever we want information about something, we search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com, DuckDuckGo, etc. Then the Search engine shows us lots of results. Mostly we got our needed information on the search engine First page. So most people click on the first page of the search engine provided list. So which site/blog rank on the first page gets a lot of traffic. In this way, SEO work.


We are bloggers, so we need to know how SEO works. Our motive is to rank our site/blog on the search engine on the first page. So we do SEO on our site.

If our sites rank on search engines, we will get a lot of traffic from search engines.


What is a Search engine?

Search Engine Optimization is essential for our site/blog for ranking on the first page, so it is essential to know what is Search Engine. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, DuckDuckgo, etc. All are Search Engines. If we want to do some search, we use Google because Google is the most popular search engine globally.


Every search engine has different algorithms to work. They keep changing it from time to time because the search engine shows us the result using algorithms.


Why is SEO Important?

We have already discussed what SEO is. Now let's talk about why SEO is important for our site/blog.

When we created a site/blog, we do design, article writing, etc. But Why?

Because we want someone to visit our sites/blogs and read our article.

Suppose we don’t do SEO on our site. Then our sites/blogs will not index on the search engines. Then we don’t get any organic traffic. So Our main motive is traffic if we don’t get visitors to our site. The site/blog is just useless. So SEO is essential for blogs/sites.

Few reasons Why SEO is Important.

  1. For More Organic Traffic.
  2. For rank on Search Engine.
  3. For Compite to Compitior.
  4. For User-Friendly Content.



What happens when our site/blog ranks on Google, Bing, etc.?

  1. Sites/Blogs brand value will be increased.
  2. The website appears on the first page of the Search Engine.
  3. SEO well for website and blog, then there is a lot of traffic on site.
  4. Domain Authority and Page Authority will be increased.
  5. More Traffic More Earning. :D



What is SERP?

SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page.

There are many types of SERPs like website/blog, Ads, People Also ask (snippets), Youtube Video (if available )


Types of SEO?

There are three types of SEO

1. White Hat SEO.

2. Black Hat SEO.

3. Grey Hat SEO

We will only Discuss White hat SEO.

There are two types of White Hat SEO.

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

Whatever you do on your Site/blogs, Like “the design, meta tag, meta description, Image Alt text,” is Called On-Page SEO.

Some 15 Step On-page SEO

  1. Keywords Research
  2. Buy a domain that also has your keywords.
  3. Buy a Hosting From a Good Hosting Provider.
  4. Design Your Site/Blogs SEO friendly.
  5. Site Should be Load Fast.
  6. Write an article minimum of 500 words.
  7. Make site Mobile Friendly.
  8. Use Keywords on Title Tag.
  9. Use Keywords on Meta Tag.
  10. Use Keywords on URL.
  11. External Links.
  12. Internal Links.
  13. Use Image Alt Text.
  14. Use LSI Keywords.
  15. Highlight your Keyword.

Keywords Research:

First, find the niche/topic for your sites or blogs.

Research the keyword which should high search Volumes and Low Competition.

You can use the Somehow free keywords research tool google keywords planner, Ahrefs, Semrush, etc. If you have the budget to buy, go for it.


Buy Domain that also has a keyword:

For building sites/blogs, the domain is the most important thing.

Be Smart(if you are reading this, you already :D) Buy a domain there should be also has a keyword.

For Example, your site is Health-related. The domain could look like, Myhealth.com,careus.net, etc.

Buy a domain cheap price


Buy hosting from good hosting providers:

The website's main important thing is hosting. If your site is down. Became slower. No response. It will high impact your SEO. So choose a good hosting provider. I will recommend good VPS than shared hosting.

Buy the Best and Cheap VPS Now



Design your sites SEO friendly:

While building a site/blog, good optimization is important.

Header Menus, footer menus, etc., should be good optimization.

Suppose you are using a template or theme. Don’t worry that most of the developers have already done that.


The site should be load fast:

Visitors visit your site, but if our site takes a long time to load the site.

Then visitor back and switch to another website.

There are two lost.

1. One visitor is missed.

2. Increase Bounce rate and google, bing dis-rank your site.


Write an article minimum of 500 words:

When we write an article, we must write a minimum of 500 words.

It doesn’t mean that you write anything and complete 500 words.

Write a good article with minimum words, then search engine found valuable our content, and it will be quite easy to rank your content.

Since we are writing an article for visitor profit then our profit.

When visitors come to our site, they should be happy with our content.


Make Site Mobile-friendly:

Nowadays, everyone uses mobile. So our audience using mobile we must design our site mobile-friendly. We need check-in Mobile friendly like image size and button overlapping. You can check your site is mobile-friendly or not using google's mobile-friendly checker.

Use Keywords on Title Tag, Meta Tag, URL:

We should consider keywords on title, meta, URL.

For example, our keywords are “Lose Weight.”

We can write a title tag like “how to lose weight.”

Meta Description is must be 150 characters. It could like-like “Top five ways you can lose your weight….”

Url looks like example.com/how-to-lose-weight.


External Links:

While writing, you should use the external link. It helps to increase your site authority. But keep in mind, give backlinks to good sites.


Internal Links:

Make a chain like your blog posts' internal link to each other because even one of the posts ranks on search engines. You can generate more traffic to another post. Keep in mind while internal links post each other. The posts should be on related topics.


Use Image Alt Text:

Only articles are not searched on Google, Bing, etc. There are a huge amount of Image searches on search engines. We can say that Alt Text is the keyword of the image. Since google bot, bing bot can’t see the image. They can find what Image is related to what topic through Alt text.

Image Alt Text Using HTML

<img src="Makemoney.png" alt="Online Make Money" width="690" height="600">



Use LSI Keywords:

This topic is related to the keywords research tool. But I want to say LSI keywords are the best idea for 2022 blogging.

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. Google, Bing shows full keywords while searching even words.

For example, if we searched “how to lose,” google automatically shows “how to lose weight” or related LSI keywords.

LSI keywords


Off-Page SEO

Whatever you do on your Site/blogs, Like “Backlink, Advertise, social linking,” is Called OFF-Page SEO.

Some Step OFF-Page SEO


  1. Create Backlinks
  2. Submit Site on Webmaster
  3. Social Linking
  4. Advertising



Create Backlinks:

SEO backlinks are highly recommended. While search engines crawl any site, they find your site link from a high authority website. Your authority for the search engines will increase. So Your site or article ranks much faster.

There is also you can generate traffic from backlinks. Submit your article to Quora, Medium, etc., and create backlinks. You can also do guest posts for backlinks. Keeps in mind that creates backlinks from that’s a site which must be related to your site/blog’s niche.


Submit Site on Webmaster:

In 2021 There are many websites is creating. So search crawls DA PA site highly automatically. So first, we should submit our site manually to the webmaster.

Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster, Yandex Webmaster.

It also helps for keyword research which of your site ranking in which position.

So you can do watch and action.



Social Linking:

Our audience is also on social media, so we create our social links like

Facebook, twitter, pinterset, linkdin etc.




We can also advertise our site for SEO. Our audience gets information about our site. And it makes brand value for our site. It also helps to generate real-time traffic.









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