How To Make a SEO Friendly Website?

01/19/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo


Developing a website from an SEO point of view is not at all easy. A systemic approach needs to be followed to design a website that looks good and is an SEO-friendly website. Specific requirements need to be kept in mind to develop a website from an SEO point of view. Let's have a look at some of the major requirements.

Select powerful keywords for the website

  • While designing a website, selecting the best keywords is necessary to make the website SEO friendly. Keywords play an important role in deciding the SEO ranking of a website, so you must make effective use of keywords. You can take the help of SEO tools such as Word Tracker to find relevant keywords for a website so that the audience or visitors is impressed.
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Focus on keyword placement

Finding appropriate keywords for a website is a tough job, but the placement of keywords is tougher. Here are some tips which can be followed while placing keywords on a website.

  • You must place a keyword in the URL to effectively use a keyword. If several keywords need to be placed in the URL, use separated dashes.
  • Embedded keywords should be placed in the anchor text to clearly define the domain name, Meta tags, and links.
  • Make sure limited keywords are placed in the content because the higher the percentage of keywords concerning text, the better results can be obtained. Moreover, keywords must be placed closely so that the sentences remain clear.

Regularly update your content.

  • If you do not update your content regularly, the search engine will degrade the search rankings as they will know the content isn't fresh. Moreover, the audience or the visitors will also avoid the website as they will get bored of reading the same content repeatedly. So, regularly update your content and make sure enough content is present on a website as the search engines require a website to have at least 500-600 words on a webpage to show the website in the search results.

You must use images to attract visitors.

  • You must use images related to the text to grab the visitors' attention. Apart from the logo, enough images must be present on a webpage so that a visitor can have a basic idea about the content. You need to focus on the image size and placement so that a web page's layout looks attractive.

Avoid the use of frames if possible.

  • Frames are used to divide a webpage into different sections so that a visitor finds it easy to find the content. However, too many frames in a webpage can cause difficulty for a search engine to access all the web pages. So, use frames only when it's necessary.

A complete SEO-friendly website requires sincere hard work, so focus on each of the above tips to design a website according to an SEO point of view.




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