SEO vs PPC which is better - what is difference

01/16/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

PPC and SEO are used to boost traffic to a website. However, both are doing the same work but are different. One of the major differences between PPC and SEO is that viewer traffic coming from the search engine is free while the traffic coming from PPC is paid. Before discussing the main differences between SEO and PPC, let’s look at what PPC and SEO mean.

Pay per Click is a process of buying ads displayed on searchable sites to increase site traffic. The advertiser will be paid some amount whenever any user visits the website through a PPC ad.

Search Engine Optimization refers to the methods or strategies used to get a better rank in the search results and obtain Top SEO rankings so that the traffic on a website is increased. Different SEO tools and strategies need to be used by a website.

Let’s have a look at the major differences between SEO and PPC.


Huge difference in terms of cost

  • The cost involved in SEO is very less than the cost involved in PPC. To place an advertisement at the top of a page on a searchable website To obtain Top SEO rankings and that too in a competitive industry, a website owner needs to have a bulky budget. A user needs less cost as the online SEO tools can be used for free and other services are less expensive. Several online SEO service providers improve site performance without charging high fees.

Ranking is permanent

  • SEO search rankings result are more permanent when compared with the search results of PPC. Once a website owner runs out of budget, the PPC ads will not be displayed on the searchable sites anymore, lowering the search ranking results. In comparison, it will take years to lower the SEO results if all the links or tags are removed.

Higher conversion rate

  • PPC conversion rate is more than that of SEO because the PPC ads are quite attractive and highly targeted, because of which a visitor from PPC is more likely to call for action. However, SEO can increase more site traffic than PPC, but the power to convince visitors to call for action is less.

Final word

SEO and PPC are responsible for increasing traffic site and improving the conversion rate. But, PPC can only improve conversion rate rather than increase site traffic, whereas SEO can only increase site traffic. So, to accomplish both objectives, a website owner must use both PPC and SEO. A website owner should use PPC for a short-term purpose, especially when the conversion rate decreases day by day, and SEO for a long time purpose to increase viewer traffic. In this way, a website owner will achieve both objectives in the best economical way.





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