What is backlinks? How many Terms does backlinks consists of and why it is to be made?

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What are backlinks? How many Terms do backlinks consists of and why it is to be made?


 Search engines first of all check the number of our quality links and measure this parameter. Therefore, qualified links are important for our websites.

If a search engine is displaying our site on the first page then the site will get more clicks from the visitors. Therefore, for getting better traffic and ranking it is important that our site should get high-quality backlinks.

Making Quality backlinks is not very easy. For doing this you have to search online and link with the high-quality domain authority site. If you are a noob in blogging before creating backlinks, you have to clearly understand what actually is the backlink.

what is backlink

What are backlinks?

Backlinks (a.k.a. Inbound links) are kinds of links that link one website with another. The results from search engines depend greatly upon the backlinks used. To create backlinks website owners may use different ways such as illegally buying backlinks, link exchange networks, selling backlinks, etc. Among these ways many of them are not recommended by search engines, using illegitimate ways to create backlinks is not good for the search engines, and they may warn you or even block your site. Link is a structure of HTML that looks like this. We can establish our URL and Anchor tag in this link and publish it after adding it to another site or online page. Backlinks HTML CODE Anchor Tag <a>: The start of the link is shown by this tag.


Link Reference: Hyperlink referral (href) This defines the address being defined by the Anchor text. This address is written under Quotation marks. For an address, having a related web page is not necessary because this link address may be an image.

Anchor Text: This is a part of a text or anchor tag which is visible to the users of a webpage.URL link reference is opened when it is clicked by the visitors.

Closing Tag </a>: This refers to the end of the link.

How many terms do the backlinks have?

By now you have easily understood the introductory lesson about Backlinks. Now, I will tell you the terms related to it. Do you know how many terms do the backlinks have? Like Internal and external links, link Juice, Forum backlinks, High and low-quality links, Dofollow link and No-follow link. Anyone or all of the above-mentioned backlink terms can be seen in the websites but for a better ranking, Do follow link , No follow link and Internal link are highly emphasized and they are also important for enhancing DA. Therefore we will take short discourse about the highly important 3 kinds of links.

1. No-follow link: When a website links with any other website but if there is No-follow link tag it doesn't pass the Juice. If we talk about the ranking a post or a page No follow link is not so good, because it doesn't help much. When removed from an insecure site, the Webmaster uses No-follow link tag. No-follow link This may seem like a small difference but for a search engine like Google, it has vital importance. When a search engine "क्रॉल" the web, it notices this "rel" and understands whether the Backlink is just linking two pages or not.

<a rel="nofollow" href="https://yourdomain.com/dog-vs-cat/">dog better than cat </a>

2. Do-Follow link: This link redirects the quality matrix of the website and as we already guessed links one page with another. This means that you can get more and more Dofollow backlinks and site ranking and there are chances to increase Domain authority by using these kinds of backlinks. Do-Follow link. Above I have pasted the code for this kind of link. In this way Do- follow backlink is seen in the HTML code. Do-follow is merged in Post, News, and many more. Many times, in the comments box of blogs, websites, or Forum posts.

<a href="https://yourdomain.com/dog-vs-cat/">dog better than cat </a>

3. Internal Backlinks: An internal link links pages or posts to another post of the same domain. If we want to increase the domain authority then we should add the link of our post to another related post on our own blog. This truly helps to increase the site ranking and to improve the DA. We need Do-follow, No-follow links,s, and Internal links so we have to use all three links to gain a good site ranking, domain authority, and DA improvement.


How to check backlinks?

There are many SEO tools for checking backlinks like Ahrefs, Semrush, etc. you can also check backlinks from the google search console.

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Why is it important for us to create backlinks?

  • To link other sites. (Long-term strategy)

  • To increase the visiting time of the visitors.

  • To lower bounce rate.

  • To improve the site ranking in search engines.

If you want to create a backlink for your website, Please visit the following link: Readings: Where is the backlink made? We hope this article was helpful for you to get a brief knowledge about the definition, terms, and importance of backlinks. We will be motivated to get more useful articles if you share this information about backlinks with your website designer friends on social media. Follow us for more related information about computer science and successful webpage building and designing.





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