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Città Ashburn
Regione Virginia (VA)
Nazione United States of America
Prefisso internazionale US
ISP Amazon
Latitudine 39.0469
Longitudine -77.4903

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An Internet Protocol address, more commonly known as an IP address is a unique identifier assigned to every device or computer that connects to the internet. IPs that connect directly to the internet are called Public IPs. As of now, two versions of IP address are in use: IP Version 4 (IPv4) and IP Version 6 (IPv6). Both these versions are tasked with the same responsibility: to uniquely identify any device connection to the Internet, based on its location.

A better version of IPv4 was needed to address the issue of shortage of IPs in the near future. So, in 1995 IPv6 was introduced to make sure that there would be enough IP address for devices connecting to the internet. Every internet user needs a public IP to connect to the internet. Usually, the public IP is provided by a user's Internet Service Provider (ISP), which allows the user to connect to the internet.