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We are going to show you the number one software to use if you're trying to get your content to rank online you must get turned on to this software probably around we would say around six years ago this Backlink maker tool started and they have just advanced ever since then.

We all are just stuck with it and it always does the trick every time you're trying to get something to rank online. Now we do want to warn you this is a very dynamic and easy software so you really need to use it sparingly and do it correctly or it can hurt your website if you don't do it correctly you don't want to abuse this because it will have some negative results. So now that we got that out the way let's go ahead and dive right into this and we're going to show you exactly how to use this software in order to start getting some traffic to your web pages or basically to any link that you have online.


How Backlink Maker Works

Basically what this software will do is it will create massive amounts of backlinks by posting content to all of these different types of websites so you have premium social networks, regular social networks, article directories, social media blogging, social media bookmarking, RSS feeds, web profile projects and form profile projects. We have press releases that also has an indexer as well as the blog network and you also have PDF sites, wiki projects, Google Places and some more stuff as well so to get started with this you need to go ahead and start working free without any license. Now once you have this software open there are two different ways that you can create campaigns using this software one of the easiest ways is going to be the turbo wizard so how to use this how to put up a quick campaign and start getting some backlinks to your content.

So once you have the software open you're going to go up here to the top and you're going to click on turbo wizard once you get here it's going to open up this beautiful little page for you and then you're going to go ahead and start putting in your content and filling up these links. So what you want to do is make sure that you have article builder as well if you do not have that make sure you check out our other articles in which we showed you how to get article builder and exactly what it does but you're going to need this in order for this to work effectively. After this check out all the links of relative websites related to your niche and copy the links from there.


Why Backlinks are so important?

Link building is very important for your ranking in front of Google. That’s why Backlinks are very important. We are going to decide on how many profiles do we want this to run on so basically the profile is acting on how many accounts so if anyone had one Twitter account or two Twitter accounts this is basically how many profiles and any person want this to use and for this one we are going to use one profile and then going to spread this submission over a seven-day period.

If you just put your website together you might want to spread this out a little further you don't want to do everything too fast so that way you get noticed by Google now the next thing you want to do is you want to decide on how many links per bookmark that you want to put in here and you want to keep this to a maximum of three.



How to make Backlinks for free (Free Backlink Maker)

Yes, you can make backlinks for free with the help of this tool called Backlink Maker. The first thing that you see here is your primary keywords. So you have primary and secondary, what you want to do is go ahead and get your keywords and you're going to use up to five.

If you already have your keyword research done so you have keywords here and go ahead and put your keywords right here.

All your keywords filled out here you see some campaigns running right now so change the percentage here so that way both of these are being split and put this on thirty per cent for the secondary keywords.

You have to move to primary URLs so these are the primary places that we want all this traffic to promote to be pointed to and these are the two pages that you want to promote primary and then go ahead and throw a video in there as well and throw your secondary links now these links are going to be to where you posted your content after you created just say you created your video and then you went ahead and share that on LinkedIn on Tumblr.


Go ahead and put some anchor text in here so that way you know we're not hit by that Google Panda update that happened a while back. So you have a list of anchor text words here that you've already carved out and the anchor texts are going to be like click here check out this website view the content here things like that's not related to your keyword.

We don't want to have everything with an anchor text with your keyword in it because Google does not like that. Once that poor is done we are going to go over here to the right-hand side of the page and we're going to determine where we are getting our content from for this.





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