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About Certificate Decoder

About Certificate Decoder


It is pretty common to run into plenty of trouble if you are fetching a bunch of SSL certificates mixed up. Installing the incorrect SSL certificate on the wrong server won't cause an eruption or anything, but it will surely lead to lost time, and effort and cause you a huge headache. You might be just double-checking whether the certificate you issued contains accurate information. 


Mistakes happen and human activities are prone to them. So it's better to realize before you install the certificate instead of finding it out later. And for this, there is a tool developed which is called Certificate Decoder, to help you verify if the information in your SSL certificate is correct or not. In this article, we shall look in depth at the features of Certificate Decoder and its benefits to people. So let's get started.


What is a Certificate Decoder tool?


The encrypted communication between the website and the server is provided by SSL Certificate which is a reliable protocol and it includes information considering the certificate receiver, certificate issuer, hash value, expiry date, MD5 fingerprints, etc. 


All these details can be checked using Certificate Decoder which will show you the authenticity of your certificate details, it is nothing but an encoded text that encloses all the information from the certificate. It is important to note that your certificate should commence with “—–BEGIN CERTIFICATE—–” and end with “—–END CERTIFICATE—–”


Any decoder's ease of practice is one of its many significant features. Moreover, it should be easy to navigate as well as simple to install and operate. The important characteristics to look out for are: 


  •  Detection: How fast can a certificate's validity be detected by the certificate decoder? Is it competent enough for error-free public key authentication? 
  • Decoding: How fast a certificate's text can be read by the certificate decoder? Is the data decompressed by it? You should go for a decoder that can decode the data if it takes more time to read the contents than usual. Does the decoder possess the potential to encrypt or decrypt data?
  • Certificate storage: Can the certificates be stored in the decoder? Whether the certificates can be exported and imported? How handily accessible are its settings? Can its features be switched on and off without operating on a step sequence? 





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