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What is Color Picker?

If you want to identify a particular colour from Its code, the most convenient tool is a color picker. The specialist graphic designers have heavy software programs such as Photoshop & Corel Draw. It is a comprehensive set of tools to play with colours that get cited.

But, it's not fair to put in the complete software package to discover colour codes. You need to look for a dedicated website & fit the image's colour in a couple of clicks.

Color Picker tool & its Significance for Graphics Editing

We identify colours from their titles: red, blue, green, yellow, or white & recall around 15-20 of them. But, every colour comprises countless shades ranging from dark to light. It is not workable to give a title to each of them or remember them. Not even a computer can provide them with a title, but it might classify them into hexadecimal format. Also, check here RGB to Hex Code converter free Tool.

For graphic designing, you need exact colours to match the arrangement with uniformity. You must know how a computer defines colours and give them recognition. This article has some vital information on the classification of colours.

You have to understand Red, Green & Blue (RGB) are the primary colours. All other colours get originated from it. At a VIBGYOR, you will be able to understand how colour shades change from those 3 colours.

If you consider it from the other hand, it starts from red to orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, pink & magenta. There are online color picker tools that can help you to pick the proper color.

Why do we Need Online Color Picker?

An online color picker is an essential tool for professionals in different fields. Its significance from different perspectives gets mentioned below in detail:-

1. Web designing

Web designers that get assigned to style templates need internet tools. They mark down the colors in specific codes. All sections of the website, from header to footer, need to get organized. Even a tiny bit of change in shade can ruin the look of the entire website.

The designers want the online tools are helpful in this issue. Most of the tools supply eyedroppers to pick a color whether it's present in the template.

2. Graphics Designing

The job of professional graphic designers needs accuracy. It's about the right color selection, which makes shapes or layering. If there isn't a system of color picking, designers can't bring perfection to their job. If you're a graphics designer, consider colors in a different manner, which is CMYK.

How does the Online Color Picker tool Work?

You do not need any unique design ability to work on that tool. There are many simple actions to identify, as mentioned below.

  • Type "online color picker" in the search bar of web designers who get delegated to design. From and you also will see a tool provided by the search engine to the ease of consumers. A bar with a seeker gets offered to change the color. You can also alter its colors from the above-mentioned rectangular box.
  • This is the fundamental tool but provides complete information of every single color. If you spot the color in another code, then start a website that offers the facility with great features.
  • As revealed in the image, drag the color cursor to the desired position. Once done, you can observe individual formats of HSVA, RGB, HSL, HEXA, and HVRBSG color codes. 
  • On the bottom right side, you can view 2 options HSV and HSL. Choose the color format in case you need HSLA values.
  • If you enjoyed any specific color, drag the color box to the below section. It says drop colors here to check. Once done, select the colors and double click to trigger to view the particular color code.
  • To boost the color brightness, enter the alpha value in the left area. You can see that the changes in color brightness.

Note down the worth that you need and use on the period of editing without becoming confused. If you want to know all of them in detail, read the below information.

Kinds of colors formats

The human can understand the colors in RGB format. In comparison, the PC system classifies them in the CMYK format. When you change the values of those colors, new shades will look with different values.

HSVA color picker

In the HSVA color picker tool, Hue, Saturation & value gets altered to get fresh colors.

Hue:- Hue signifies various colors in different numeric digits ranging from 0 to 360. It considers the shades of every single color in a 360-degree chart. The chart starts with:-

  • Red 0 to 60 degree
  • Yellow 60 to 120 degree
  • Green 120-180 degree
  • Cyan 180 to 240 degree
  • Blue 240 to 300 degree
  • Magenta 300 to 360 degree

Saturation:- The saturation of every shade represents the amount of grey, which ranges from 0 to 100%. Reduction in saturation fades down the colour to white. Surpassing it to 100% will give you the brightest shade of colour.

Value:- The term V Represents Value or Brightness. From 0 to 100%, you can increase or decrease the value of brightness. If you reduce it, the colour will become black. Exceeding brightness to 100% shows full colour.

HSLA colour picker

An HSL graph reflects Hue, Saturation & Lightless. Hue ranges from Red to Magenta, comprising green, yellow, cyan & blue. Each of these colours shares a 360-degree part in the 360 graphs. Saturation is also mentioned above as a component of grey in each colour.

Lightless from the new concept in this graph, which ranges from 0 to 100. You can seek the bar in the centre of these values to get the ideal shade of colour. Values near to 0 reflect darker colour, and values close to 100 represent lighter colours.


RGB signifies Red, Green & Blue, which are the main colours for every display device. You need primary RGB colours to produce more colour that ranges around 16 million.

CMYK is also meant for Graphics designing, but its importance is only for printing. When you are going to print for business purposes, everything gets created with CMYK. After understanding this simple difference, now you can distinguish between their importance.

When you change the values by looking for every colour bar, it creates a new shade. For instance, if you reduce green & blue to 0 & crimson hundred, the brightest red will look. Once you start raising the worth of green & blue, the colours of red will start changing. The identical effect gets applied to each primary colour.

HEXA Color

HEXA represents 6 Different values that you will find as alphanumeric figures. It is from the point of view of the color distribution system of emotional intelligence. The RGB values of colors vary from 0 to 255. The 0 represents black, whereas 255 signifies pure white. Between both of these, you can get various shades of a specific color.

The colour codes in hexadecimal would be the combinations of numbers and alphabets. The HEXA color system also functions on the grounds of the RGB color scheme. The hexadecimal values of RGB get classified into 3 sets of two figures each. It begins with #, and the following six values continue changing.

For instance, if you alter the shades of red color, the first 2 characters will change. The rest of the two sets will stay the same. This item gets related to the entire RGB scheme. When you pick a color, note down it followed by # and applied it anywhere to design the website templates.

There's a massive Significance of HEXA color code for graphics designers also. They can't recall a specific shade but can recognize the color from its hexadecimal value.

RGB, CMYK & HEXA color scheme gets classified based on distinct viewpoints. The color picker tool is straightforward to operate. It represents values from all formats that get mentioned above.

You need to seek the bar of colors and click on their particular color for obtaining results. With only a click on the color of color, it is possible to identify its HEX value, RGB value, CMYK value & elsewhere. Use these values while editing a graphic in software applications for digital printing.





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