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Domain hosting checker tool is a free SEO tool. A domain hosting checker can also provide other information about the entered domain. It can tell the type of service being used the location of the service provider, the servers on which the hosting service is being provided and in certain cases the details of the domain owner and email address.

Website owners can use a domain hosting checker tool to check on who is hosting his or her competitors’ sites. With this information, they can ask his hosting service provider to provide with the same or better service.

When you use the tool, you won’t have to spend time installing any software just to use it. The reason is that the Domain Hosting Checker is an online-based tool that lets you check any website URL and see its hosting service in an instant. And because it is online-based, you can also do the checking anywhere you are online. In this case, you can make use of it when checking for several websites and their hosting companies anytime, provided you are connected online.





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