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To use Line Counter, Paste test in the given textarea box below and this tool will show you how many lines are there in your text or word document.

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About Line Counter

About Line Counter

Almost every writer once in a while writing anything checks the number of lines or counts the number of words, and characters. Although, Microsoft Word helps you to count the no of words but what if you need to count the lines in your write-ups? Surely you won’t count the lines manually right if it’s of hundred pages. The line counter tool is the best solution that prevents spending hours on this hectic work and counts words, characters sentences, and lines quickly.

What is a Line Counter?

A line counter is an online tool that is used to count the number of lines in a document or paragraph of text. It helps you to count all the lines, words, characters, sentences, and even blank lines.

  • 100% free tool
  • Fast and gives instant results
  • No registration required
  • Works automatically

The tool can be used not only by writers or bloggers but also by developers to check the length of code, news writers, students, teachers, etc. It verifies the quality as well as quantity of a page or written work. Like articles or blogs with so much content can be boring sometimes to read. The line counter tool calculates the lines and helps you create good content.

You can simply copy-paste the entire text into a Line Counter tool and get results in seconds with the number of lines, words, and characters in the content.

Why do we need a Line Counter?

The line counter tool keeps track of the number of lines in your web pages, blogs, articles, social media posts, legal documents, etc. It is simpler to count lines manually when any form of the document is small in size or has less text. But it gets tuff with large documents and counting the lines manually could take a lot of time. So, a line counter comes as a handy tool that makes your work easier.

If you want to analyze the quantity of content, then use the line counter tool which is free and does count unlimited documents. While knowing the amount of text in a document is very helpful for the readers as they avoid reading long articles. You can easily remove the lines if it is exceeding any of your writing. SEO professionals, teachers, students, and even developers use line counter tools for different purposes.

The main reason to use the line counter is to keep track of the lines, characters, and words of your document which may be a research paper, assignment, book, poem, and article. With the help of this tool, you can also check someone else writings to check their pieces as well which allows you to create a better one.




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