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About Meta Tag Generator


The meta tag generator will create description, keyword and other important meta tags for you with provided content. The use of meta tags in web pages is often required by search engines as a source of information to help them to decide how to list and rank your website. Meta Tags are not always required, but as a rule of thumb, it makes more sense to take advantage of them than to leave them out.

Once you know your keywords and you've optimized your title and Meta Description you will have a very big impact on your SEO performance.  Let's get started off all let's just get this concept out there what is a meta tag and you're going to hear a lot of nonsense out there on the blogosphere kind of two different areas one is people will say meta tags don't matter or keywords don't matter the keywords meta tag doesn't matter.

Both of these are wrong and you want to think of Meta tags as an important part of your SEO strategy but they're not the only piece so don't fall into this sort of all-or-nothing thinking.  So let's define this if you're ever on Jeopardy write a Meta tag simply is any tag that appears in the header of an HTML document.

Meta tag tells Google what is this page about that's the ID that's what's called a meta tag now let's just look at the blog post I'm looking at right now let's right-click view page source.


Meta Description Generator

We're in the source code and then let's go down here and let's look at the Meta tags. So here is your Meta title tag so if you go and zoom into your code and you just go right click and you view to code to view the source code you'll see the title and the slashed title.
So you are telling Google that this blog posts that you’ve written and you are referring to here is about the Meta tags for SEO.  So that's your Meta title tag that's the title tag now let's scroll down a bit and let's find the Meta Description tag and you'll see here Meta description tags. 

So the title things a little funky it doesn't call itself a meta tag but it is the meta tag and here's your Meta Description tag which says to Google kind of in summary format what is this page about it's a blog post explaining how to embed the keywords into the meta tags. If you really are a glutton for punishment you can look and you can find here's the open header and then if you scroll you'll find the closed header down here somewhere at the bottom and if you have trouble finding something do search them and then just put in slash head and you'll find the tags or you can do title to find your title.

Why it is important to use Description and Tag Generators

We know what the Meta tags are we know that essentially they're talking to Google. Let's talk about what it looks like so we have this example of a real page right progressive calm which is it does an excellent job on their SEO.

Suppose there is a landing page on motorcycle insurance you can see that right there and if you right-click view page source or CTR U and then go CTR F find that title and you can see here's their title motorcycle insurance quote.  Join the number one insurer and then again CTR F and then just type in the description because it's not just slashing description just to make your life a little bit more miserable its meta name equals the description and you can see here is their Meta description ride with the number one.

Then they also are using this third Meta tag called the Meta keywords tag so this is nice because you have all three of them and a nice little line for you have the title the Meta description and the Meta keywords.

Now that we're going to talk in another article about which ones are really important from a Google perspective title and Meta description are very important and the Meta keywords tag is ignored by Google and by Yahoo.  This is where there is confusion in the blogosphere right and thank God for the blogosphere or we would never actually you know make any progress because it's total confusion right the meta keywords tag is ignored keywords are not ignored keywords are very important you want to embed your keywords in your meta tags especially your title and a meta description the meta keywords tag is ignored you can use it if you want it's really just kind of a good note to yourself.

What is this page optimized and progressive has done a wonderful job here of telling us what their targets were and you can see that they've really identified its motorcycle insurance and the helpers like quote quotes best top bike insurance this type of thing.  So that's how you get to the tags all right so let's go back here now related to that is what they do they just they can control how you're displayed on Google so we have a search here let's go over to Google and let's look at motorcycle insurance so this is the search on Google for motorcycle insurance and you'll see here that progressive is number one in organic and notice here motorcycle insurance quotes join the number one insurer and ride with the number one motorcycle insurance company.



So this headline on Google is the title tag and this description on Google is the Meta Description tag so now you've learned something very important your title will nine times out of ten become your headline on Google and your Meta Description will maybe six times out of ten become the description on Google.





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