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Website Links Count Checker tool is generally used to know the number of outgoing links that are on a particular website. The method is very simple and easy, just enter the URL in the textbox and hit enter. 

There are many different purposes for which a link count checker can be used. The most common use of this tool is that it is used by web developers to know how many external links are on a particular page so that they can maintain the quality of their website as it is a bad idea to publish excessive outgoing links.

The tool will also help you in determining the number of external links that might affect the quality of your website because some pages may have too many links to see rather than content that users are looking for. If you want to avoid the issue, use the Links Count Checker to help you in getting all the details you need about the number of links linking to a specific page. It can also help you in removing links or getting rid of unnecessary links from a specific website page after learning of all the information you need.

So what are you waiting for? Check for the number of links as well as their quality now with the Links Count Checker!





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