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When you create a Facebook profile or page, the system assigns the user a unique number known as the Facebook ID. But now everyone is using a custom username due to which the ID does not appear in the URL. 

Although there are many tutorials that demonstrate the way to preview the FB ID of any profile or page, those instructions are a little bit complicated. 

Normally, the URL or web address of an FB page or profile looks something like this:


If the ID is customized, a username is shown in place of the 15-digit number like this:


Now you can see that in the case of a customized ID, you can't view the ID number.

BestfreeSEOtool.com has finally developed a great tool known as the Facebook ID Finder Tool which allows you to find any ID in a super easy way. 

Simply copy the URL of any Facebook profile or page, and press Enter. Our tool will quickly fetch the Facebook ID and display it. The amazing features of the Facebook ID Finder Tool are:

  1. It's 100% free.
  2. The tool allows you to find Facebook ID in bulk.
  3. It requires no downloading and premium subscriptions.






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