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MozRank Checker tool for checking domain authority (DA) you can also check your Domain Authority (DA) from our separate tool, page authority (PA) you can also check your Page Authority (PA) from our separate tool and Moz rank. With the help of this Mozrank Checker tool, you can check for a website’s DA, PR and Moz in one click, which helps you in analyzing a website on various parameters. In this tool, all you need to do is paste your domain and hit the button and get the information. This tool is very useful from the viewpoint of SEO. This single tool provides you with more information related to your sites and saves lots of efforts and time.

MozRnak is not similar to PageRank as it is not calculated by Google. Google has officially closed Page Rank updates for everyone outside google. But Companies found almost 90% of the factors that were used to calculate PageRank value. We have also developed a Google PageRank checker tool by calculating more than 100 ranking factors.





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