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Click on Link Tracker and in the display enter your site’s URL. Next enter the Page URLs that point to your site. You can only enter one link per line. Next, you can select the search engine for which you want it to get the results.

It will display the results serial number-wise. It shows the URL name, the SE Index, PR, and Live. The serial number and URL name are self-explanatory. SE index is an abbreviation for Search Engine index, and it indicates if the link to your site has been indexed by the search engine. PR is an abbreviation for Page Rank and indicates if Google has ranked the page of the link. ‘Live’ shows if the link is live or not.

You can study these abbreviations and their meaning on sites on the internet. What is important in this for you to note is if the incoming link is ‘live.' Search engines do not necessarily index each link that they find on a website. If there is a reasonable amount of traffic coming via the link, it will be indexed. If the page has been ranked by Google, the PR will display it.





12th County Road, Example,
Tamil Nadu, 700 003, India.

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